Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Turning 31, or is it 29?

I turned 31 yesterday.  I actually don't mind getting older for the time being.  I know I'm supposed to start to count backwards at this point right?  I should be claiming to be 29.  Problem is people always think I'm around age 20.  So I don't even mind being able to add a year to my real age when I break the news to them.

I had a lovely day.  I got off duty and came home to my sweet boys and the cards they had for me.  Caleb and I had an awesome run with my Keys 100 teammates.  We had dinner at Outback with both sets of parents and some good friends.  Followed by cake at the in-laws house.  An awesome cake!  My friend Sharon made a cake that looked like a pillow with a glass slipper....except that the glass slipper was one of my running shoes.  An edible Saucony ProGrid Guide 7!

My boy eating the frosting off his slice of cake.  He obviously did not want his photo taken.  At least I got a silly face instead of an annoyed one.

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  1. Thanks for your comment Allyssa!! You are too sweet! Did you apply for the nuun team?! I hope so!!

    Your cake is fantastic!!! Happy belated b'day...I count backwards too as I am '28' now ;)